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IMPORTANT: The Web site may not be current. The Township operates with part-time staff and the information on this Web site may be stale, out-of-date or incorrect due to changes in the Township which have not been uploaded to the site.

The Township provides this Web site as a public service. The Township makes no representations, guarantees, or warranties, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, completeness, content, currency, suitability, and timeliness of the information provided via this Web site. Therefore, users of this Web site are responsible for checking the accuracy, completeness, content, currency, suitability, and timeliness of all information. This information is provided on an "as is" basis. The information provided herewith is solely for your own use and cannot be sold. In no event will the Township be liable for any damages whatsoever, whether direct, consequential, incidental, special, or any claim for attorney fees, arising out of the use of or inability to use the information provided herewith.

The Township specifically disclaims any and all liability for any claims or damages that may result from providing the Web site or the information it contains, including any Web sites maintained by third parties and linked to or from the Township Web site. The Township makes no effort to independently verify, and does not exert editorial control over, information or services provided on pages outside the Township’s domain name. Neither the Township nor any of its employees shall be held liable for any improper or incorrect use of the information contained herein and assumes no responsibility for any use of the information.

If you have obtained information from any of the Township's Web pages from another source, be aware that electronic data can be altered subsequent to original distribution. Data can also quickly become out of date. The Township recommends that careful attention be paid to the contents of any data associated with a file, and that the originator of the data or information be contacted with any questions regarding appropriate use. If you find any errors or omissions, the Township encourages you to report them to the Township Webmaster via our “site feedback” page.

Web Site Accessibility Policy

The Warwick Township, Chester County (“Township”) is committed to providing access to its Web pages for individuals with disabilities. The Township recognizes the importance of its Web site being available to the largest possible audience and our goal is to attempt to design the Web site to be accessible to everyone.

To meet this commitment, the Township’s goal is to attempt to voluntarily comply with the most basic requirements of Section 508 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act Amendments of 1998, and the Level 1.0 Accessibility Guidelines proposed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Section 508 requires that individuals with disabilities, that are members of the public seeking information or services from the Township have access to and use of information and data that is comparable to that provided to the public who are not individuals with disabilities, unless an undue burden would be imposed on the Township.

Web Site Linking Policy

The information posted on the Township Web site includes hypertext links or pointers to information created and maintained by other public and/or private organizations. The Township provides these links and pointers solely for our users' information and convenience. The inclusion of links on this Web site should not be construed as an endorsement by the Township of those links or their contents. When users select a link to an outside Web site, they leave the Township site and are subject to the privacy and security policies of the owners/sponsors of the outside Web site.

Web Site Privacy Policy

When you visit the Township Web site, automated tools log information about each visit. This information is processed in the aggregate to determine site performance issues, such as popular pages, most frequently downloaded forms, and other site-performance characteristics. This information does not identify you personally. We do not track or record information about individuals and their visits.

During your visit, information that is not readily identifiable to an individual may be automatically collected and stored. This information would be used solely to improve our Web services.

Usage of Collected Information

If you do nothing during your visit but browse or download information, the following information about your visit may be automatically collected and stored:

  1. The Internet Protocol (IP) address and domain name used but not the e-mail address. The Internet Protocol address is a numerical identifier assigned either to your Internet service provider or directly to your computer. We use the Internet Protocol address to direct Internet traffic to you;
  2. The type of browser and operating system you used and your connection speed;
  3. The date and time you visited the Township Web site;
  4. The Web pages or services you accessed at the Township Web site; and
  5. The Web site you visited prior to coming to the Township Web site.

Any information that is automatically collected or stored would be used to improve the content of Township Web services and to help us understand how people are using our services. We analyze our Web site logs to continually improve the value of the materials available on our site. Our Web site logs are not personally identifiable, and we make no attempt to link them to the individuals that browse the Township Web site.

If during your visit you participate in a survey, fill in and send an online form, or send e-mail, the Township will collect the following additional information:

  1. E-mail correspondence - the e-mail address and contents of the e-mail.
  2. Forms and Surveys - any information you volunteered in response to the form or survey.

The collected information may not be limited to text characters and may include any attached files you send. The information is retained in accordance with Township rules and regulations.

We may use your e-mail address to respond appropriately. This may be to respond to you, to address issues you identify, to use your feedback to further improve our Web site, or to forward the e-mail to another agency for appropriate action. Form and survey information would be used for the designated purpose.

At this time the Township does NOT employ any type of security measures, such as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or Certificates, to protect form and survey data while in transit.

Personal Information

"Personal information" is information about an individual that is readily identifiable to that specific individual. Personal information includes personal identifiers such as an individual's name, address, and phone number. A domain name or Internet Protocol address is not considered personal information.

The Township would not collect personal information about you unless you voluntarily participate in an activity that asks for information (e.g., sending e-mail, filling in and sending a form, or participating in a survey). If you choose not to participate in these activities, your choice will in no way affect your ability to use any other feature of the Township's Web site.


What is a Cookie? A cookie is a small amount of data, which may include an anonymous unique identifier, that is sent to your browser from a Web site's computers and may either be used only during your session (a "session" cookie) or may be stored on your computer's hard drive (a "persistent" cookie). Cookies can contain data about user movement during the visit to the Web site. If your browser software is set to allow cookies, a Web site can send its own cookie to you.

Why are Cookies Used on Web Sites? Cookies are one mechanism for maintaining continuity during a user's visit to a Web site. They allow data to be maintained for a users' benefit as he or she navigates a site. This is referred to as "session" or "management" cookie. These cookies go away when you terminate your visit to the Web site because they are maintained only in your browser's active memory during your session.

Cookies may also be stored on your computer so that you can be recognized by a Web site on subsequent visits. They can be read by the Web site that set them whenever you enter the Web site. They are often used on Web sites that require you to log in to save you from entering all of your login information. They may store information on your unique identifier and the areas of the Web site you have visited before. These cookies are stored on your computer's hard drive after you have left your Web site visit and consequently are often referred to as "persistent" cookies.

Choices about Cookies. You can configure your browser to accept all cookies, reject all cookies, or notify you when a cookie is set. (Each browser is different so check the "Help" menu of your browser to learn how to change your cookie preferences.)

Township Practices Regarding Cookies. Presently the Township only uses "session" cookies. Information on these cookies is retained only while the user's session is active.


This material is for the non-commercial use of the general public. The Fair Use guidelines of the U.S. copyright statutes apply to all material on the Township Web site and linked agency Web pages. The Township shall remain the sole and exclusive owner of all rights, title, and interest in, and to all specifically copyrighted information created and posted for inclusion in this system of Web pages. Photographs and graphics on the Township Web site are the property of the Township, unless specifically stated otherwise. For copy or use of information on the Township Web site that is outside of the Fair Use provisions of copyright law or if you have any questions on using material on the Township Web pages, please contact the Webmaster via our “site feedback” form. If permission to reproduce or redistribute is granted, the following statement shall be included on all reproduced information: "Reproduced with permission from Warwick Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania."