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The Warwick Township office and meetings are currently observing all applicable CDC and Health Department guidelines
If you have any questions or concerns please email them to email@warwick-chester.org or leave a message at 610-286-5557.
Thank you and thank you for your understanding in these difficult times.
Please be stay safe and well.
Joan Grimley, Administrator.

Dear Visitors to the Warwick Township Web Site

The Board of Supervisors welcomes you to a view of Warwick Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania. Warwick is a wonderful place to live and to visit. Its history involves notable names such as William Penn, Benjamin Franklin, and George Washington. Warwick Township was instrumental in the Revolutionary War in that its iron furnaces produced cannon and shot necessary for waging the effort to remove the British from American soil. In many respects, Warwick today resembles that of the past. Undisturbed fields, woodlands, and streams still occupy the land as they did then.

The ability to retain some of its past is challenged by the continuing demand for change. Over many years, your Board of Supervisors has worked diligently to retain the character of the Township and, at the same time, carefully direct its future given the ever increasing needs dictated by the continuing increase in its population. For more of the story of Warwick Township, click here.

Again, the Board of Supervisors welcomes you to its web site. Please browse the site as it provides not only items of general interest, but also specific information on the various boards and commissions of the Township, permit and application forms, and much more.


Warwick Township Board of Supervisors

Please email questions or concerns to email@warwick-chester.org.