Warwick Township

Board of Supervisors

  • Eileen Cameron (Chair)
  • Eric Sydlosky (Vice-Chairman)
  • Jeffrey C. Brand (Member)
Meeting Scheduled Meeting Minutes

Meeting Schedule

The Board of Supervisors meets the first Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM at the Township Municipal Building.

Special public meetings are held as needed and are advertised in The Mercury.


Warwick Township, a Township of the Second Class, is governed by a Board of three Supervisors, elected at large for a term of six years; one member is elected every two years in the odd year to begin serving on January 1 of the even year.

The Board's responsibilities are derived from various state laws such as the Second Class Township Code and the Municipalities Planning Code. Responsibilities include the following: general care, improvement, and maintenance of township roads and bridges, regulation of building and construction, zoning, subdivision and land development review and approval, signing and signalization, preparing and approving the Township budget, monitoring revenues and expenditures, requesting audits for appropriate programs, determining Township staffing requirements, and providing regulations to promote the welfare of community residents. The Board establishes policy, adopts legislation, and grants final approval of many functions of the Township government in public meetings. These meetings facilitate communications which are essential to successful local government.

The Supervisors are served by one full-time Administrator/Secretary-Treasurer who is responsible for the maintenance of Township records and for seeing that Township business is properly transacted, and that the problems and concerns of citizens are attended to or brought to the attention of the proper official. The Township is also served by a part-time Clerk and a part-time Zoning Officer.

The Supervisors are further supported by a Township Solicitor who is appointed annually. The Township Solicitor provides advice on matters such as bonds, obligations, contracts, leases, conveyance, ordinances, and assurances to which the Township may be a party. The Township Solicitor prosecutes all actions brought by the Township as well as defends all action or suits against the Township or any officer. Also appointed annually is a Township Engineer who reviews all plans and activities of development or proposed development and makes recommendations relative to plan compliance under the Zoning or Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance.